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A Surprising Method of Calculating Bitcoin’s True Value Using Gold

News broke on March 29 of a major investment bank and asset management firm publishing a report stating that the current trading prices for Bitcoin (BTC) are roughly $200 below its actual value. Needham & Company’s report used method for approximating the true value of Bitcoins that might come as a surprise to many who are interested in cryptocurrencies: using gold prices.

One of the paradigm-shifting features of Bitcoin (and more or less all cryptocurrencies, for that matter) is that they have no underlying assets to give them inherent value. So the idea of using gold to determine a true market value for BTC is a very creative approach to a complicated, ethereal problem.

Bitcoin’s actual market value estimated at $655

The reasoning goes like this: around 75% of the total market capitalization for BTC is treated as an investment. Comparing that percentage to the amount of capital invested in gold ETFs (exchange-traded funds), the investment market cap of Bitcoin is equal to about 6% of the $74 billion worth of gold in ETFs. Thus, the authors of the report conclude that the actual market value based on speculative market interest is $655. Based on today’s prices of just over $400, BTC is currently being undervalued by 58%!

The authors of Needham & Co.’s report also mention an investment trust for Bitcoins, which allows investors treat BTC as a speculative investment without actually holding the asset.

The end of the so-called “Bitcoin civil war”

The Bitcoin community has been having some problems with constructive debate and reaching consensus about the future of their beloved cryptocurrency. Much of this discord boiled down to whether the transaction capacity of the blockchain (the public digital ledger where all BTC transactions are verified and recorded) should be increased because of concerns that the limits of the technology are going to be reached sooner rather than later.

Who invented Bitcoin?

Nakamoto had a P2P Foundation profile where he claimed to be a 37 year old Japanese male. Many people believe that he/she/they are not actually Japanese because the Bitcoin software was not documented or labeled in Japanese.

Based on the use of British spelling and reference to a British journal in the original software publication, some believe that the creator of Bitcoin is actually from the United Kingdom. Other writing samples containing American spelling has led others to believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is a group of individuals and not one person working alone.